PERRY MARTIN & FRIENDS: Rowena Cortes, Anders Nelsson & Andrew O

  • 型號: AM6024AQ
  • 歌手名字: Perry Martin
  • 音樂類型: AQCD


Featuring: Rowena Cortes, Anders Nelsson & Andrew Oh

1 bit-5.6448Mega Hz WSD/DSD Direct-to-2tracks Live Recording

Pure acoustic recording in a church with a size of 540 square meter in order to capture the beautiful natural ambiance sound.

Track list:
1. Casablanca(Perry Martin) (chours by: Rowena Cortes)
2. There’s Nothing Like a Love Song (Perry Martin-English singing, Rowena Cortes-Cantonese singing)
3. The One You Love(Perry Martin)
4. Vincent (Perry Martin, Rowena Cortes)
5. Hotel California (Perry Martin) (chours by: Rowena Cortes)
6. Making Memories of Us (Perry Martin)
7. Ben (music only; Andrew Or saxophone solo)
8. Pretty Flamingo (Perry Martin) (chours by: Anders Nelsson, Rowena Cortes)
9. It’s Over(Perry Martin)
10. I Can’t Be Lonely Forever (Rowena Cortes) composor and lyrics by Perry Martin
11. Fields of Gold(Perry Martin)
12. Traces (Anders Nelsson)
13. In My Life (Perry Martin)

Recording Engineer: Terence Lai (Track 1 to 12); Todd Garfinkle (Track 13)
Executive Producer: Anders Nelsson / Andy Lam
Musical Producer: Perry Martin
Music arrangement: Perry Martin
Cable: Monitor Acoustics HD3.5 Blue XLR Cable
Power Conditioner:MS HD Power E02 & CY9500

Message from Perry Martin, the Producer

Life truly is strange and wonderful. 29 years after I left Hong Kong for America I found myself back here, in a church in Clearwater Bay, not far from where I used to live, recording a high-end audio CD with some old and dear friends. And what a special experience it was. The location itself, overlooking Lobster Bay, was beautiful; and at night the lights of the village houses coupled with the soft glow of the moon created very a calm and peaceful working environment.

Everyone involved with this project acted in a completely professional manner and their contributions, big or small, made the final product what it is. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I would be remiss if I didn’t give special mention to some special people.

Andy Lam and Mimi Chung: Your optimistic attitude and easy going manner provided just the kind of atmosphere I enjoy working in. I’m honored to count you among my new friends.

Terence Lai: Not only were you thoroughly professional as a recording engineer, it was also very obvious that you appreciated some of the more emotional moments of certain songs. It’s a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to the next time.

Longman Hart: Such a gentleman and a pleasure to work with again after so many years.

Billy Da Kidd and Jose Silva: You guys rock! You came all the way from Macau one evening, with no idea what this particular style of recording entails, and created some beautiful additional guitar parts - - on the spot! I can’t thank you guys enough.

Andrew Oh: Man, you play like you were born with a sax in your mouth! It was wonderful to see you again after so many years and to have the opportunity to make music with you. Let’s do it again soon.

Anders Nelsson: My dear old friend and business partner, Anders. Thank you for introducing me to Andy Lam and for being instrumental in bringing this project into being. Thank you, too for being such a good friend and helping me to get reestablished here in Hong Kong after so long. It’s a pleasure working with you and a double pleasure having you back in my life. Here’s to at least another thirty years of music and friendship.

Rowena Cortes: I had to save the best for last. My love you are my soul mate, my wife, my life. Your love for me and your love for music brought something so very special to this album. To be able to sing with you again was wonderful; to be able to sing songs together that mean so much more to us now that we have found that “fairytale love” with each other, is a dream come true. Your angelic voice is matched only by the angelic quality of your spirit. You gave your all (as you always do) on every song you performed on and it was a joy to work with someone so in love with their craft. I love you more than words could ever say and I look forward to the day when we can record our own CD together as husband and wife.